Artist: idiosyncratic, symbolic - Cartoonist-AliceĀ©, modern world, angst, existentialism

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love your work Andrea. and your new Alice cartoons are great!
marion di quinzio - 31 Aug 2016
Love your work. Alice is really neat.
Steve Walter - 23 Aug 2016
Your site looks great! Under the Sun and Moon is my favorite work of yours and Alice looks so good in the new format. :)
Michon Proctor - 29 Jan 2016
Robert Wagner - 29 Sep 2013
Hi Andrea, I love your work. It is so honest, folksy and creative. I especially like your use of color! Looking forward to visiting you in your studio at some point with Abby.
Mara Schiffman - 28 Sep 2012
You're a remarkable artist and woman glad you're my teacher!
Kareem Smith - 5 Oct 2011
I just got to see your drawing "The Line" I really like it, I also saw your dedication to Aunt Mildred, we all miss her too. We are here for you if you ever need us. Love, Candace and Aunt Gloria.
Candace Travis - 4 Sep 2011
Judea and Her Children-loved this.
Mel - 24 Jun 2011
Andrea, Enjoyed seeing your work - love the paintings and cartoons. Congratulations. Maurine
Maurine Dooley - 11 Apr 2011
Hi Andrea- As you can see I made it to your web site! I was looking at the mixed media work and assumed you might like to know if I had a favorite. Trouble is I like all of them. And each one stands out as a favorite. I do want to mention how nice the page looks and the quality of the images. It looks really good! When I saw them in person what I liked most was the textural quality they have as opposed to the smoother surfaces in some of the newer paintings. But both work really well. Congrats!
Brian Dickerson - 3 Apr 2011
You made me smile and think of my dad as well. Good luck to you. It seems that we are an artzy family. Love, Marcy
Marcy "Hoffman" Weinberg - 30 Mar 2011
Hey Andrea! the site looks great. I love the pastels, especially the 3 fishes :) fun. Put more work up! M
Mike - 9 Mar 2011
Dearest Andrea -- I can feel my Motner "qvelling" over your warm, loving, heartfelt tribute to her. You really captured her. And I am very grateful to you for always loving her and me so much. With love and best wishes for continued inspiration and succes, your cousin, Selinda.
Selinda A Melnik - 6 Dec 2009
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