Artist: idiosyncratic, symbolic - Cartoonist-AliceĀ©, modern world, angst, existentialism

Syndicated Cartoonist and Artist


Andrea Beizer

As of February 2023, "Alice", a cartoon strip developed by Andrea Beizer, was syndicated by King Features Syndicate and may be found at  "Alice", is about the life and inner life of a maturing woman.  The strip follows her as she interacts with the boyfriend, neice, animals, and colleagues.  She struggles with issues of aging, the modern work environment, generational issues with her neice, and contemporary issues such as global warming and imaginary or not, aliens from outer space that live in her basement. 

"Alice" was originally created for the Philadelphia Architect and was published from 1985-1989.  At the encouragement of colleagues and especially Tony Auth (Pulitzer Prize winning Editorial Cartoonist for the Philadelphia Inquirer)  "Alice" was brought back to life in 2013. 

 A native of Philadelphia, Andrea grew up in a family of storytellers, or tellers of memories, and her mother’s family was very artistic and encouraged her to become an artist.  Since childhood she has been exposed to the artwork of her mother, aunts and an uncle, Albert Hoffman, who later on became a recognized “outsider artist.” 

As an artist, she believes that it is important to respond to the world we live in, either through perceived reality or through spirituality. Symbols may be used to represent something other than themselves as a way of bridging these realms together.  This may be seen in her artwork, and also in her comic strip Alice, where the character struggles to find her place in contemporary society.